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About MISA

Dear MDBC members and guests,

After 5 successful annual MDBC Sustainability Awards events, we are extremely excited to present to you the MDBC Innovation & Sustainability Awards (MISA) 2017!

Realizing the integral part that innovation plays in sustainability, we knew that we also need to be innovative in order to keep our flagship event sustainable!  MISA will certainly reach out to a larger segment of our membership community and beyond.

Successful and sustainable innovation is about persisting when the going gets tough, and rethinking your business in the face of disruption.  MDBC, together with the Netherlands Embassy, aims to stimulate and create awareness for innovation and sustainability within every industry.  In order for an organization to be sustainable, it must innovate.  Further, intentionally or not, innovations often result in sustainability gains, therefore resulting in our new focus being Innovation and Sustainability.

The Award categories this year (Best Service Innovation, Best Product Innovation, and Most Innovative Start – Up), will give a wide range of companies the opportunity to participate!  All Award categories are open to ALL companies (MDBC members and non – members) who have an innovative project / service, or start – up to participate with.  MDBC hopes to stimulate healthy competition, create exposure opportunities for participating MDBC members, and to generate a platform for our members to expand their network outside of the MDBC community.


Why Participate:

* Gain attention for your innovation or start – up;
* Connect with those at the forefront of the Innovation & Sustainability effort;
* Exchange ideas and gain insights from fellow decision – makers
on Innovation & Sustainability;
* Participate in an intimate gathering of business leaders – better networking
and learning experience;
* Receive direct feedback from independent Innovation & Sustainability experts
and potential customers;
* Winners receive a prestigious award recognizing their efforts and achievements.

Why Attend:

* Keep up to date with the latest innovations and developments; be more informed
on the topic that directly influences you;
* Hear from key experts on Innovation & Sustainability;
* Join the global effort to create and stimulate Innovative & Sustainable businesses;
* Enjoy an evening of celebration with elite Innovators, your colleagues,
business associates, and / or potential clients;
* Gain new ideas and learn about the latest trends in Innovation & Sustainability that
can be applied to your industry / company.

Have any questions regarding MISA? You can contact us at misa@mdbc.com.my or call +603 – 2722 8335.