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Spouse Program

Strong economies and major businesses thrive on diversity.  Organizations that employ a diverse, multicultural workforce can supply a greater variety of solutions to problems in service, sourcing, and allocation of resources.  Employees from diverse backgrounds bring individual talents and experiences in suggesting ideas that are flexible in adapting to fluctuating markets and customer demands.  The expat community of the MDBC and the Netherlands Association in Malaysia is a great talent pool for companies looking to diversify their workforce.

We are therefore proud to introduce the MDBC Spouse Program.  This program will enable member companies to tap into our expat talent pool for global growth.

Bringing together potential employers and professional expat spouses

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This program provides MDBC member companies with a new service, and at the same time, enables MDBC and our members to become more inclusive to the professional expat community.

Benefits for member-companies:
* Have a larger talent-pool available
* Opportunities for project-based and flexi / part time staff
* Closer link to the expat community

Benefits for trailing spouses:
* Increased opportunities for professional and personal development while living in Malaysia
* Access to a network of professional companies and colleagues
* Support for your job search

Introducing the MDBC Spouse Program Membership:
* All the regular benefits of an MDBC Individual Membership,
inclusive of access to MDBC and EUMCCI events;
* Inclusion of your resume in a dedicated Spouse Program monthly e mail
to MDBC member-companies;
* 1-Hour free one – on – one consultation with a MDBC staff member;
* Dedicated events for the Professional Spouse members – on sharing experiences,
immigration matters, learning about cultural differences, and information on volunteer work (twice a year).

The annual Membership fee is RM1,060 (inclusive of 6% GST).
After 1 July, the membership fee for new members is pro-rated at half the annual fee.

Requirements for the trailing Spouse to participate and register:

  • In the pilot phase, spouse and / or partner must have Dutch nationality;
  • Trailing spouse needs to have a valid Dependant Pass or Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T);

If you have a permanent / temporary job or project that you would like to fill, please send us your job description (Template can be downloaded here) to info@mdbc.com.my.
Once MDBC receives registrations from professional spouses who are looking for work opportunities in Malaysia, we will provide all of our member – companies with their CVs in a regular, dedicated MDBC Spouse Program e mail.

For more information about the MDBC Spouse Program, please contact us at info@mdbc.com.my.
For spouses interested in joining the program, kindly fill in the MDBC Spouse Program Membership Form and return via e mail: info@mdbc.com.my, or fax: +603 – 2141 8335.