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The Trophy Room

MDBC continues to gain recognition for the quality of its products and services, as well as great value.  

2021: Best Bilateral Business Services Provider – Malaysia

   In 2021, MDBC won the ‘Best Bilateral Business Services Provider – Malaysia’ award from APAC Insider. 

Southeast Asia has undoubtedly become a dominant force on the business landscape across a number of significant industries. Whilst other markets have stagnated in light of difficulties over the last couple of years, the region has ploughed on, finding strength and momentum as it capitalizes on opportunities. There can be no doubt, then, that the businesses in Southeast Asia are defined by an entrepreneurial spirit and a need to be greater. Better. More innovative. Those values are the cornerstone of business in the region, and look set to define its future.

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2019: NLinBusiness Accreditation

  In 2019, MDBC became the second Dutch Chamber in the world to receive the NLinBusiness quality mark.

MDBC received the NLinBusiness quality mark in an accreditation ceremony attended by the Netherlands Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Stef Blok.  In addition to being acknowledged as a ‘best – in – class’ leader, MDBC is now officially a member of the new NLinBusiness network of business hubs.  This is a sign to Dutch entrepreneurs that they can be guaranteed a ‘soft landing’ in Malaysia as they seek to enter the Malaysian market and / or wider ASEAN market.  

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2018: Membership Engagement Program of the Year Award.

    In 2018, MDBC won the APAC 2018 International Chambers of Commerce Membership Engagement Program of the Year Award.

MDBC uses an iterative approach to continuously improve their member engagement. They are proactive in understanding their member’s needs and systematically test possible improvements to engage their members, and then implement the services that cater to their member’s needs. The chamber has very happy members, great renewal numbers, and quite a steep increase in new members with great satisfaction.  What makes MDBC different? They are unique as they allow their members a constant dialogue to express their needs or concerns. They are constantly evolving ideas to best meet the needs of their members.

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