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Bursa Malaysia launches investor and public relations incentive program

Bursa Malaysia Bhd has embarked on an Investor Relations & Public Relations Incentive Program, with the objective of enhancing the visibility and accessibility of its public listed companies (PLCs) to the investment community through more active investor relations engagements.

PLCs participating in this pilot program will undergo training for one year to enhance their in – house investor relations capabilities for more effective investor relation engagements. The scope of the program includes assisting PLCs and their senior management with the preparation of corporate presentation slides and factsheets, planning, and organising investor briefings with analysts and fund managers, and assisting with public relations engagements such as press releases and media interviews.

Bursa Malaysia CEO Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift said it is important for PLCs to develop strong relationships with existing and potential shareholders, as well as effectively communicate their equity story and ambitions to all stakeholders.

“Doing so consistently will assist investors in making informed investment decisions, which is a key component to companies’ success in the investment market.

“This Investor Relations & Public Relations Incentive Programme will not only help PLCs recognise the value of investor relations, but also help to market and promote their attractiveness as a viable investment, potentially elevating their profile, valuations, and liquidity,” he added.

Meanwhile, Bursa Malaysia yesterday embarked on a Dematerialisation Proof – of – Concept to facilitate the dematerialisation of securities certificates leveraging Daml smart contracts from Digital Asset and a highly scalable distributed ledger platform from VMware.

The project aims to test blockchain-powered technologies’ efficiency and operational feasibility in the issuance of dematerialised securities certificates, with initial emphasis on structured warrants.

Bursa Malaysia believes this initiative could improve the ease of doing business by reducing the reliance on manual work to create, manage and withdraw structured warrant certificates.

  • The Sun Daily