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Change of company registration number

Dear MDBC Members,

The Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) has implemented a new format for the registration number of business entities in Malaysia.  CCM has confirmed that throughout the transition period, the existing registration number will be displayed along with the new format.  Information about this can be found on the CCM / SSM website here.

Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC) Existing Registration Number: 402935-V
MDBC New 12 Digit Number: 199601030583

For the duration of the transition period, official documents from MDBC will carry the registration number in the following format:
Malaysian Dutch Business Council – Registration Number: 199601030583 (402935-V)

Please do NOT make reference to the new registration number when making online payments via Maybank to MDBC.  If need be, you can refer to the existing registration number.  Maybank is in the midst of updating their system and will inform us once their system can cater to the new registration number.  An update will be posted upon receiving official notification from Maybank.  If you require any clarification, kindly contact our accounts department at accounts@mdbc.com.my.

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