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Extension for MISA Submissions

Dear MDBC members,

With the recent public holidays and with the overwhelming number of requests, we are extending the deadline for MISA submissions by one week to Thursday, 29 September 2022. We hope that this extension allows your organization to present your submission(s) effectively for MISA ’21 / ’21 along with your inspiring video.

MISA ‘21 / ’22 is a great opportunity to connect with MDBC (non)members, form potential partnerships, and gain exposure by sharing your organization’s best practices.

We would like to thank those who have already completed their submission and wish you the best of luck! For the ones who are still working diligently on their submissions, we look forward to receiving them by Thursday, 29 September 2022. For further assistance, please contact +603 – 2387 0043.

We look forward to your participation and hopefully seeing you at MISA ’21 / ’22!

Categories are:

1. Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (MNC)
2. Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (SME)
3. Outstanding Malaysian Investor in the Netherlands
4. Outstanding Malaysian Exporter to NL / EU
5. Promising (new) Dutch SME to Malaysia
6. Outstanding Dutch – Malaysian Partnership
7. Best Flexible Work Arrangements Program

For additional information on each category, please click here.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, 29 September 2022

MDBC takes great pride in its Chapters – In Penang (launched in 2010) and Johor (launched in 2017). In recognition of our chapter members, MDBC is introducing the Penang and Johor Chapter Recognition Awards. MDBC members from these chapters who participate in any of the MISA award categories are automatically entered into their respective Chapter Award. Although the categories, and therefore submissions, may be different, each organisation’s submission will be put through the same rigorous judging process to determine who is crowned the winner.

Want to participate but don’t want to compete in any of the categories?
If your organisation is not eligible for any of the categories and / or you simply do not wish to participate in the awards, you can still contribute and help raise the awareness of Innovation & Sustainability within the community by becoming a MISA ’21 / ’22 Sponsor or Advertiser.

There are additional exposure opportunities, a much wider audience, and access to key industry – specific players. Different sponsorship and advertising levels are available. If you are interested, feel free to get in contact and we will find the best fit for you!

We very much look forward to receiving your application(s) and seeing you at MISA ’21 / ’22!

– The MDBC Innovation & Sustainability Awards Team