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Malaysia 10th most vaccinated nation against COVID – 19

Malaysia has the 10th highest rate of complete COVID – 19 vaccination globally, with some 77% of its total population fully inoculated.

Citing a New York Times (NYT) tracker on Monday (Nov 8), CodeBlue, which reports issues and policies related to healthcare in Malaysia and around the world, said about 80% of Malaysia’s total population had been vaccinated with at least one dose.

Nine countries with the highest percentage of full COVID – 19 vaccination were UAE (89%), Portugal (87%), Malta (85%), Singapore (82%), Chile (81%), Cambodia (80%), Spain (79%), Qatar (78%), and Iceland (77%).

The NYT’s COVID – 19 vaccination tracker also noted that about 1.5% of Malaysia’s population had received an additional coronavirus vaccine dose. A total of 492,054 additional doses had been administered nationwide to date.

Malaysia is listed among just a handful of countries that have rolled out additional Covid-19 vaccine doses, ranked at 33rd of 44 nations.

Additional doses include both booster shots to fully vaccinated individuals to curb waning immunity, as well as extra doses for people who did not receive full protection from primary vaccination, such as the immunocompromised.

NYT said although 52.2% of the global population had received at least one coronavirus vaccine dose, vaccination rates show stark gaps between countries.

While the majority of residents in developed countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe had been inoculated, less than 10% of people in many African countries had received at least one dose.

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