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MISA – Flexible Work Arrangements Program

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) Programs are alternate arrangements or schedules from the traditional work day and week. Employees may choose a different schedule to meet personal and / or family needs. Employers have been offering FWA programs as a way to increase their ability to attract and / or retain high performing and experienced employees. During the pandemic, the well – being of employees increased in importance; In recognition, MDBC is looking for the organisation with the “Best Flexible Work Arrangements Program“.

These organisations have implemented and encouraged FWA for long term retention, showcasing workplace strategies that demonstrate a strong drive and commitment to achieving diversity and inclusivity, to the benefit of their employees. They will be able to demonstrate business compliance, company policy and procedure, as well as the organisation’s culture and permanent arrangements.

If you want to highlight your FWA Program, demonstrating that it is the best way you can support your employees, then compete in this inspirational category and enter now.
Submission deadline is Thursday, 29 Sept; we look forward to receiving your entry! Supporting #Innovation and #Sustainability in Business. Connect, Engage, Benchmark, Lead.