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MISA – Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (MNC)

Are you an “Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (MNC)”?

The MDBC Team is super excited to present to you MDBC’s cornerstone awards program – the MDBC Innovation & Sustainability Awards (MISA).

This special edition, a continuation of our 25th anniversary celebration, and our 9th edition of this event, will be like none other. One of seven competition categories this year focuses on Outstanding Dutch Investors in Malaysia (MNC). Being an ‘Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (MNC)‘ means that you are a multinational company established in Malaysia which invests and owns a large number of physical and financial assets. You have your headquarters in the Netherlands and do business in two or more countries (with Malaysia being one of them) with locals and internationals working together. 25% of your revenue is from foreign operations, you have more than 250 employees and an annual sales turnover of over RM 20 million. Your organisation should be eligible to be registered under SSM. Additionally, you are a member of MDBC and your organisation values positive change and is investing money back into the well – being of the Malaysian public.

If you fit into this category and looking to gain wider knowledge of a variety of industries, compete in this category. Submission deadline is Thursday, 22 Sept; we look forward to receiving your entry!

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