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MISA – Promising (new) Dutch SME to Malaysia

As part of MDBC’s efforts to recognize entrepreneurs in this year’s MISA and Month of Entrepreneurship, we want to shine a light on New Dutch SMEs to Malaysia.

Dutch Entrepreneurs play an essential role in bringing new ideas, knowledge, and practices in terms of innovation, sustainability, and circular economy to the market, which is advantageous for the ASEAN community by encouraging research, technology, and innovation. For those competing in this category, they must prove that as a ‘Promising (new) Dutch SME to Malaysia‘, they are members of MDBC and have been operational in Malaysia for less than five (5) years. Clearly, they have set their focus on long – term sustainability and social value for Malaysia and ASEAN.

If you want to gain recognition for this and increase your network, compete in this #MISA category. Visit www.mdbc.com.my/mdbc-awards-program/misa-categories to learn more. Submission deadline is Thursday, 29 Sept; we look forward to receiving your entry!

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