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Participate in MISA ’21 / ’22.

The MDBC Innovation & Sustainability Awards (MISA) will be held in November.

MDBC’s unique and innovative awards program is a platform to showcase the best practices of companies in the areas of Sustainability and Innovation. This cornerstone program continues with a special MISA ’21 / ’22 edition with seven (7) categories ranging from investment to export. Open to all (except where indicated), MISA ’21 / ’22 is a continuation of our 25th anniversary celebration and this ninth edition will also introduce our Penang and Johor Chapter Recognition Awards. MDBC members from the chapters who are shortlisted as finalists are automatically entered into their respective chapter award. Finalists will present their shortlisted projects in front of a panel of judges and a general audience. The winner will then be announced at the MDBC Awards Ceremony & Dinner together with a judge’s report.

Participate in the MDBC Innovation & Sustainability Awards, benchmark your efforts against other leaders in your industry, connect and engage with different stakeholders that can help you realize your project or business concept, exchange ideas, network, and gain insights from fellow decision makers on Innovation, Sustainability, and Business.

For more information on the seven categories, and on entering, please visit www.mdbc.com.my/mdbc-awards-program. Deadline for submissions is Thursday, 29 September.