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Spotlight on our service providers!

MDBC is launching the next wave of our social media campaign to highlight the service providers within our community!  Over the next couple of weeks you will be seeing these service providers featured on our social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), providers who can help take a business that’s been able to firmly establish itself, and help it reach the next level of growth.

Need to fly regionally or internationally to meet (potential) business partners?  Want to revamp your office so that it can best reflect your brand identity?  Have a fabulous new product and need to file a patent or establish a trademark to protect your intellectual property?  How about taking your organization to higher level of digitization with a new app, or increasing your social media presence?  Use MDBC’s wide member network of proven service providers to find the right partner who can guide you, or help you take that next step.

In the meantime, get to know MDBC better with this short video!

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