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The MDBC Village

The MDBC Village

The MDBC Village is the online representation of the Malaysian Dutch Business Community.  This virtual directory enables an immersive walk through for visitors keen on learning more about the Malaysian Dutch Business Council, our member companies, the wealth and breadth of knowledge, expertise, products, and services on offer.  Sit in on webinars in the Auditorium, check out the different exhibition halls, watch a short video to learn more about the company, pick up some e – brochures about interesting service providers, and talk directly to company representatives.  All of these facilities work together, enabling visitors to find the right service provider(s) or business partner(s) for their needs in one, easy to access location.

Main Lobby                                                                    


The MDBC Connects Fair (MCF)

Once every quarter, we hold a special MCF day in The MDBC Village.  It’s a full day with special talks, the guaranteed presence of all ‘Villagers’, and additional activities.  Each MCF features a different talk so do check out our announcements for the focus topic of that quarter.  If you would like to participate in MCF as a special speaker, please contact .

Exhibition Halls

Exhibition Halls are divided up into sector groupings.
Click here for the MCF Exhibitors List

MDBC Discord Server

MDBC introduced the MDBC Events Server on Discord as another platform for members to network with each other.  It allows for more networking opportunities, advertising, breakout rooms, and isn’t time restrictive (you don’t lose the session once the event is over).   

Discord is a chat and message board program which follows the same type of interface design as Slack.  Clean and attractive, there isn’t a lot of clutter, but offers more flexibility and facilities than Slack with the addition of video and browser access.  

You can drop by the server here or via Discord directly.  To get the invite to the server, please send your Discord ID to .