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MISA Assessment Criteria

MISA Assessment Criteria

The following criteria or guidelines will be used by the Judges to evaluate your submission.
Please note:
* The following guidelines are provided to help steer the company towards an aligned submission, covering at least some of the criteria.
* All submissions in the categories are referred to as “project”; Projects can be products, services, programs, and / or initiatives.
* It is up to each participant to decide what aspect of their project to highlight / how to highlight their project when addressing each of the following assessment criteria.  Given the wide variety of projects submitted, this will allow participants the flexibility necessary to present their submissions in the best light.

General Assessment Criteria:

  • Are all three sustainability pillars incorporated (People, Planet, Profit)?
  • Uniqueness and originality of the project: To what extent does it create new market space, products, services, or processes?
  • How does the project address current Malaysian (Innovation and Sustainability) issues?
  • How will the project contribute to the economy / community / technology / knowledge of Malaysia? What kind of knowledge or skill transfer will occur?
  • What is the potential? To what extent is it scalable?
  • What stage of development is the project in? Is the project a business idea, thoroughly canvassed and tested, generating a consistent source of income, or is it growing rapidly?
  • Does the project also affect the economic performance of the organization?
  • What has the project contributed to the development of the industry? How and to what extent is the project shared to encourage discussion and finding new ideas?

Category Specific Assessment Criteria:

  • If applicable, additional category specific assessment criteria will be announced here.

If you have any questions regarding the above, or about MISA in general, please feel free to contact us at or call +603 – 2722 8335.