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MISA Categories


MISA 2023 Special Edition Award Categories

Every year, MDBC does its best to ensure that the new award categories are timely and of particular relevance to furthering the understanding of Innovation & Sustainability.  For this special edition, which also celebrates MDBC’s 25th Anniversary, we bring you a wider range of award categories, focused on investing and exporting.

The Award Categories for the MISA 2023 Special Edition are:

  • Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (MNC) [For MDBC members only]
  • Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (SME) [For MDBC members only]
  • Outstanding Malaysian Investor in the Netherlands 
  • Outstanding Malaysian Exporter to NL / EU
  • Promising (new) Dutch SME to Malaysia [For MDBC members only]
  • Outstanding Dutch – Malaysian Partnership
  • Best Flexible Work Arrangements Program
  • Participants may enter more than one competition category BUT must enter a separate entry per category.
  • In the submission forms, due consideration should be given to your business elements related to innovation, sustainability, governance, ESGs, RBC, and SDGs.
  • Information related to Guidelines, Rules & Regulations can be found here.
  • The Assessment Criteria can be found here.

Further information, definitions, etc. per category can be found below.  Should you need any clarification you can contact us at or call +603 – 2387 0043.

Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (MNC) [For MDBC members only]

Being an ‘Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (MNC)‘ means that you are a multinational company established in Malaysia which invests and owns a large number of physical and financial assets.  You have your headquarters in the Netherlands and do business in two or more countries (with Malaysia being one of them) with locals and internationals working together.  25% of your revenue is from foreign operations, you have more than 250 employees and an annual sales turnover of over RM 20 million.  Your organisation should be eligible to be registered under SSM.  Additionally, you are a member of MDBC and your organisation values positive change and is investing money back into the well – being of the Malaysian public. If you fit into this category and looking to gain wider knowledge of a variety of industries, compete in this category.

Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (SME) [For MDBC members only]

One of the main goals of MISA this year is to celebrate the contributions of ‘new’ Dutch small and medium sized enterprises.  For the manufacturing sector, the SME should not have more than 200 full – time employees, or an annual sales turnover exceeding RM50 million.  For the services sector, there should not be more than 75 full – time employees or an annual sales turnover exceeding RM20 million.  For both sectors, the organisation should be eligible to be registered under SSM. 

The contributions made should be to the Malaysian economy and society as a whole, as well as to trade relations between the Netherlands and Malaysia.  Being an ‘Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (SME)‘ means that you are an SME that has proven to have had a beneficial impact on the Malaysian economy and community.  To compete in this category, you must be a member of MDBC.  If you fit into this category and would like to strengthen your organisation’s network and skillset, compete in this category.

Outstanding Malaysian Investor in the Netherlands

Being an ‘Outstanding Malaysian Investor in the Netherlands‘ means that not only are you a Malaysian company investing responsibly in the Netherlands, you’re also establishing yourself in the Dutch business environment and community.  For businesses looking to accelerate and expand, the Dutch public – private partnership offers a conducive environment. Are you a unique Malaysian business investing in the Netherlands and looking for further exposure and knowledge? If you are then compete in this category.

Outstanding Malaysian Exporter to NL / EU

Geographically, the Netherlands is centered in Europe making it a viable country to use as a gateway for Malaysian exporters.  Being an ‘Outstanding Malaysian Exporter to NL / EU‘, you would already understand the value of this and made use of the Netherlands’ ideal location.  Outstanding Malaysian exporters stand out with their innovation and effective supply chain management to make the process more sustainable and efficient. The focus for many organisations is innovation and sustainability within the supply chain but the nominee knows how to convert this from theory and goals into practical processes and achievements.  If this is your organisation, compete in this category.

Promising (new) Dutch SME to Malaysia [For MDBC members only]

Dutch Entrepreneurs play an essential role in bringing new ideas, knowledge, and practices in terms of innovation, sustainability, and circular economy to the market, which is advantageous for the ASEAN community by encouraging research, technology, and innovation.  As a ‘Promising (new) Dutch SME to Malaysia‘, you are a member of MDBC and have been operational in Malaysia for less than five (5) years, but clearly, have set your focus on long – term sustainability and social value for Malaysia and ASEAN.  If you want to gain recognition for this and increase your network, compete in this category.

Outstanding Dutch – Malaysian Partnership

The partnership agreement must be between at least one (1) Dutch organisation AND one (1) Malaysian organisation.  The partnership must include at least one company and may also include government, knowledge institutions, or civil society organisations.  To be recognized as an ‘Outstanding Dutch – Malaysian Partnership‘, you must, in addition to being in a partnership, showcase differentiation in terms of innovation and sustainability while strengthening the Malaysian – Dutch relationship. Highlight how the partnership solves an issue in Malaysia and / or the Netherlands. This Dutch – Malaysian business partnership can be any kind of cooperation such as a joint venture, agency, distributor, system integrator, consultancy, or project management, knowledge exchange, and more. If your partnership stands out and you are looking to be nominated together with other organisations, then compete in this category.

Best Flexible Work Arrangements Program

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) Programs are alternate arrangements or schedules from the traditional work day and week.  Employees may choose a different schedule to meet personal and / or family needs.  Employers have been offering FWA programs as a way to increase their ability to attract and / or retain high performing and experienced employees.  

During the pandemic, the well – being of employees increased in importance; In recognition, MDBC is looking for the organisation with the “Best Flexible Work Arrangements Program“.  

These organisations have implemented and encouraged FWA for long term retention, showcasing workplace strategies that demonstrate a strong drive and commitment to achieving diversity and inclusivity, to the benefit of their employees.  They will be able to demonstrate business compliance, company policy and procedure, as well as the organisation’s culture and permanent arrangements. 

If you want to highlight your FWA Program, demonstrating that it is the best way you can support your employees, then compete in this inspirational category.

Companies who would like to participate must fill in the nomination form and submit a video (min duration = one minute) of their program / innovation. 

* Please be advised that the organizers reserve the right to promote your organization’s submission by showing the video (for example: during the day program, on a dedicated MISA webpage, and / or during the Awards Ceremony & Dinner).  In order to keep the barrier to entry low, the video may be recorded using a cell phone but must be clear enough to view on a larger screen. 


MDBC reserves the right to request that the nominee re – shoot the video for higher viewing quality, better content, or other purposes if we feel that the video does not meet minimum requirements for participation and showcasing.



      Selected shortlisted finalists will be encouraged to participate in the competition for the Audience Award.  Details will be announced soon.
      MDBC takes great pride in its Chapters  – In Penang (launched in 2010) and Johor (launched in 2017).  In recognition of our chapter members, MDBC is introducing the Penang and Johor Chapter Recognition Awards.  MDBC members from these chapters who participate in any of the MISA award categories are automatically entered into their respective Chapter Award.  Although the categories, and therefore submissions, may be different, each organisation’s submission will be put through the same rigorous judging process to determine who is crowned the winner.
Video Submission Guidelines

All submissions must:

  • Be original. Copyright infringement of any other companies’ / organisation’s video is grounds for immediate disqualification;
  • Be in English,
  • Be in accordance to the category that you would like to participate in. It is not compulsory to have a person in front of the camera; It can be filmed as “first – person point of view”;
  • Be at least one (1) minute long and not exceed two (2) minutes;
  • Be of good quality as your video might be displayed during the event for others to view;
  • Be in MP4 format;
  • Be in landscape format (Aspect ratio resolution of 16:9);
  • Ensure that the audio is clear;
  • Be submitted to MDBC via WeTransfer (wetransfer.com) to .
Tips for Making a Great Video


  • Plan ahead and don’t be afraid of taking several shoots to get it right;
  • Higher resolution equals higher quality. Record in the 16:9 widescreen format. If you can record your video in high resolution (1280 x 720 pixels), do it. Also, aim for good audio sound quality. Capture the best you can with the equipment you have;
  • Use sufficient lighting. People need to see you and what you are doing / talking about. The lighter the area, the better. Having more than one light source will help alleviate any kind of shadows;
  • Be energetic. Try to have as much of a personality on camera as possible to come across well;
  • Practice by recording sample videos then share with others for feedback. If you’re still unsure, try recording the same video three times. Watch each take and then select the one you like the most;
  • Stay on topic and try not to ramble. Only say what’s absolutely necessary to get your point across on camera;
  • You don’t need great video editing skills to make great videos. You may have to shoot take after take to get it right, but when you’re finished, you won’t have anything to edit!