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Welcome to our FAQ for MISA.  We hope this helps answer some of the more common questions.  If there is still something that you require clarification on, feel free to contact us via .

Are there any advantages to participating in MISA?

MISA is highly regarded for its transparency and expert judging, as well as for its objective of being THE awards event that encourages the sharing of best practices.

MISA provides organisations with the opportunity to benchmark their efforts, crowdsource solutions, gain new perspectives, establish new business partnerships, and gain recognition.

All shortlisted organisations are considered ‘Best – in – class’ and will receive due recognition for their submission:
– In all pre – event announcements (e – mails, social media posts, etc.);
– During the presentation in front of the judging panel;
– At an on stage moment with the VIP guest of honor during the awards ceremony & dinner;
– In all post – event announcements in press releases, social media, and with publicity in the special MDBC MISA magazine supplement.

Who can apply?

Unless otherwise indicated in specific categories, award nominations are open to all – MDBC Members AND Non – Members in both private and public organisations.

Can members and non – members apply for the same category?

Yes, all categories are open to both MDBC members and non – members except where otherwise indicated. 

For the MISA 2023 Special Edition, the “Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (MNC)”, “Outstanding Dutch Investor in Malaysia (SME)”, and “Promising new SME Award” categories are only open to MDBC members.  

Can I participate in multiple categories?

Yes, participants may enter into multiple categories but MUST submit a SEPARATE entry per category

How much does it cost to participate?

There is NO PARTICIPATION FEE to participate in MISA.  

Shortlisted candidates, however, ARE obliged to purchase a minimum of two (2) tickets to the Awards Ceremony & Dinner to ensure that representatives will be present if they end up winning.

How do we apply / participate in the awards?

You can apply by filing out the nomination forms available on this website during the open submission period.  Remember to submit all of the additional materials through WeTransfer to if required for your submission.  Please check the regulations and guidelines for additional information about submissions.

Can we sponsor MISA if we are participating?


For reasons of transparency and integrity, organisations are NOT allowed to be a sponsor of MISA in the same year that they are participating in the event. 

Organisations MAY, however, generate more exposure / increase branding by advertising in event publications.

Can we withdraw our submission, or reject our nomination?

It would be a shame if your organisation withdraws from MISA.  You are, however, allowed to withdraw your submission from the competition or reject your nomination BEFORE the submission deadline.  

If your organisation is shortlisted, you are still required to participate in the event and purchase two (2) seats for the awards ceremony & dinner, regardless of whether you are participating or not.

What is the submission deadline?

The deadline for submissions is 31 December 2022

When will MISA take place this year?

The MISA Day Program will take place this year on Monday, 27 February and the MISA Awards Ceremony & Dinner will take place on day later on Tuesday, 28 February.

What is the judging process?

The overall MISA Judging process is as follows:

When are the shortlisted finalists announced?

Organisations that are shortlisted will be announced after the submissions have been reviewed by the judges in their relevant categories.

What is the difference between the Day Program and the Awards Ceremony & Dinner?

MISA is always comprised of two event components – the MISA Day Program, and the MISA Awards Ceremony & Dinner.

During the MISA Day Program, shortlisted finalists will take part in the final round of competition before the panel of judges and an open audience of fellow competitors and general audience.  After a short presentation of their submission, there is a Q&A session where they must answer questions from the judges and / or the audience.  MISA is unique in that competitors may also, in turn, ask questions of the audience.  It offers, in a way, direct market access to potential clients / customers.

The MISA Awards Ceremony & Dinner takes place after the MISA Day Program.  After an acknowledgement of shortlisted finalists, MISA Judges (who, in the period inbetween presentations and the evening program, have made their decisions and compiled their report) announce the winners in each category. Awards are then presented with the guest of honor present.

This format allows for a high level of transparency in the program.  It also allows participants to have a high level of understanding and trust in the overall process.  MISA is unique as the underscoring purpose is the sharing of best practices.  It serves as a unique, informative, and educational awards program, making it unique among awards programs available.

What are the ticket prices for the Awards Ceremony & Dinner?

Ticket prices are always announced together with the event registration which will be available on the events calendar once details have been confirmed.  Kindly refer to that announcement closer to the date of the event.

How do I become a sponsor or advertiser?

Please visit MISA Sponsors & Advertisers for additional information.  If you have further queries about sponsoring, you may contact us at .

We have three different sponsorship packages (Gold, Silver, and Orange).  These different sponsorship levels provide for different levels of exposure for your organisation.

Gold: RM 15,000
Silver: RM 9,000
Orange: RM 6,000

If you would like to support MDBC’s flagship event but are looking for something outside of the above packages, we are happy to develop an ‘A la carte’ sponsorship package for you.  Please contact us at to discuss this further.

We have three different advertising packages available.  These depend on the size of your ad (full page, half page, or quarter page) in the MISA magazine supplement.

Package 1: RM 6,000 (Full page)
Package 2: RM 5,000 (Half page)
Package 3: RM 4,000 (Quarter page)

Can we attend if we don’t participate as a competitor?

YES! MISA’s objective is the sharing of best practices so we welcome an audience for the MISA Day Program.  Join us for an informative and educational event!  Everyone is welcome to listen, discuss, and learn.

We also welcome the general public to the Awards Ceremony & Dinner.  Please note that tickets will have to be purchased to attend this portion of the program.