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MISA Categories


MISA 2019 Award Categories

Every year, MDBC does its best to ensure that the new award categories are timely and of particular relevance to furthering the understanding of Innovation & Sustainability.

The Award Categories for MISA ’19 are:

  • Best Innovative Waste Management Program
  • Best Digital Green Tech
  • Best Practice for Renewable Energy

Submission Deadline: Thursday, 19 September 2019

  • Participants may enter more than one competition category BUT must enter a separate entry per category.
  • Nominations must have a focus on innovation while retaining an element of sustainability.
  • Information related to Guidelines, Rules & Regulations can be found here.
  • The Assessment Criteria can be found here.

Further information, definitions, etc. per category can be found below.  Should you need any clarification you can contact us at or call +603 – 2722 8335.

Best Innovative Waste Management Program

Best Innovative Waste Management Program

Waste management contains the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. Companies in this category manage their waste with an innovative program (new to market) and take into account the impact their waste is having on their environment.


Best Digital Green Tech

Best Digital Green Tech

In this category, we showcase digital technology used for achieving green and clean goals; tech that results in transformational innovation through data.  Now, more than ever, achievements in green tech are necessary to address some of the most pressing issues brought about by problems such as climate change and food shortages.  Recent advancements in digital tech, such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and blockchain, mean that new and exciting solutions are appearing in green tech.  As digital tech itself is not sustainable (consuming a lot of energy), the digital green tech innovation in this category needs to add value to conducting sustainable business.

Best Practice for Renewable Energy

Best Practice for Renewable Energy

In this category, we’re looking for companies who implement and encourage a broad based innovative and sustainable use of renewable energy models.  Renewable energy is energy from, but not limited to, renewable resources.  For example: sunlight, movement, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

Companies who would like to participate must fill in the nomination form and submit a video (min duration = one minute) of their program / innovation. 

* Please be advised that the videos will be shown during the day program and possibly also on a dedicated MISA web page, as well as during the Awards Dinner & Ceremony.   In order to keep the barrier to entry low, the video may be recorded using a cell phone but must be clear enough to view on a larger screen. 

MDBC reserves the right to request that the nominee re – shoot the video for higher viewing quality, better content, or other purposes if we feel that the video does not meet minimum requirements for participation and showcasing.


Shortlisted finalists will be automatically entered into competition for the Audience Award.  These finalists must first go through a popular vote elimination round.  Leaders from the popular vote will then advance to the live voting round at the MISA Awards Ceremony & Dinner itself.  The winner will be determined during the dinner based on the result of the live voting.

Shortlisted finalits are encouraged to reach out to as many people as possible to vote for their video submissions during the popular vote.  Further details, including the opening and close dates of this voting period will be announced soon.

Video Submission Guidelines

All submissions must:

  • Be original. Copyright infringement of any other companies’ / organisation’s video is grounds for immediate disqualification;
  • Be in English,
  • Be in accordance to the category that you would like to participate in. It is not compulsory to have a person in front of the camera; It can be filmed as “first – person point of view”;
  • Be at least one (1) minute long and not exceed two (2) minutes;
  • Be of good quality as your video might be displayed during the event for others to view;
  • Be in MP4 format;
  • Be in landscape format (Aspect ratio resolution of 16:9);
  • Ensure that the audio is clear;
  • Be submitted to MDBC via WeTransfer (wetransfer.com) to .
Tips for Making a Great Video


  • Plan ahead and don’t be afraid of taking several shoots to get it right;
  • Higher resolution equals higher quality. Record in the 16:9 widescreen format. If you can record your video in high resolution (1280 x 720 pixels), do it. Also, aim for good audio sound quality. Capture the best you can with the equipment you have;
  • Use sufficient lighting. People need to see you and what you are doing / talking about. The lighter the area, the better. Having more than one light source will help alleviate any kind of shadows;
  • Be energetic. Try to have as much of a personality on camera as possible to come across well;
  • Practice by recording sample videos then share with others for feedback. If you’re still unsure, try recording the same video three times. Watch each take and then select the one you like the most;
  • Stay on topic and try not to ramble. Only say what’s absolutely necessary to get your point across on camera;
  • You don’t need great video editing skills to make great videos. You may have to shoot take after take to get it right, but when you’re finished, you won’t have anything to edit!