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Student Internship Program

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Jolande Jonge Poerink
Student Internship Program Manager

E mail: internship@mdbc.com.my
Tel: +603 – 2722 8335

The MDBC Student Internship Program (SIP) was founded in 2004.  Strengthening the ties between The Netherlands and Malaysia by bringing enthusiastic Dutch students to Malaysia for internships with MDBC member companies, SIP provides both interns and companies with the best match for their needs, creating the best results!

“We have had good quality students who have integrated well with our staff.”  – Tasco Berhad

With two batches of students each year (February and September), interns are available for a period of five months (approx 100 working days), though other arrangements can be discussed for slight variations.  

Whether you are a Dutch student interested in an international internship, or a member company looking for an enthusiastic, hardworking intern eager to make a difference at your organization, SIP is the best option for you.  Together with our nine partner Universities / Colleges of Applied Sciences (Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs), we are able to offer interns from a wide range of studies.

“For many years, the MDBC Student Interns at Besi APAC have contributed significantly in the areas of cost reduction, lead team improvement, on time delivery performance, and product quality.” – Besi APAC


Students: Want to make a difference during your internship?  Eager to bring your knowledge into practice? Keen on experiencing a multicultural workplace?  Register with us and join SIP to get the chance to gain valuable experience and make a positive impact!

Companies: Join the growing number of satisfied companies with SIP interns who have made a positive impact during their internship period.  Need help for a special project?  Looking to add fresh input with an international perspective?  Contact us and let us put you in touch with the right intern for your needs!

SIP Supplement!

MDBC reached the milestone of 1,000th placement of Dutch student intern in Malaysia via our Student Internship Program (SIP). This is a compilation of special interviews with students, companies, and universities who have participated in the program over the years. It provides a special look at the positive and significant impact that these interns can have at organizations – from improving efficiency to increasing profit. Take a look and get an idea of how MDBC’s SIP can benefit you and your organization!

Click on the cover to read the special SIP supplement!

To view the SIP supplement in PDF format, please click here.

For Companies

Thank you for your interest in SIP! 

In order to make this experience a smooth and efficient one, we’ve taken the liberty of adding some information on here for your reference so that you know what to expect from the process.  The information that you provide to us will help us help you!

Step 1:  If you haven’t already, Become a Member of MDBC!
Step 2Download the Job Description template, complete the form, and e mail it to the MDBC SIP team
               at internship@mdbc.com.my.  Don’t forget to include full details on your requirements.  
Step 3:  Based on your requirements, the SIP team will find the best possible matches for your needs.  
               You will have the opportunity to interview these candidates either via phone or Skype.
               Once you have made your choice, the student will be offered the internship position.  
               If the student chooses not to accept the position then another match will be found for you
               and the interview process will repeat.       
Step 4:  The SIP team will confirm the internship to the organization, student, and university /
               university of applied sciences, and send all parties information that is needed for the on boarding

The investment for the company (for the entire 5 month period) will be a maximum of RM 7,200. 
This consists of:
a) Monthly allowances for the student (RM 900 a month x5 months)
    In addition, we do request your consideration for some compensation to the student for
    commuter costs based on public transport expenses;

b) MDBC’s coordination fees:
Option 1:
· A one-time fee per student of RM 1,800 for the sourcing, coordination, and confirmation
  of your student intern.  Please note that for this option YOUR company will completely and fully
  undertake the student work visa application yourself (without further assistance from MDBC).  
  After a successful application, the company MUST send MDBC a copy of the student’s professional
  visa pass (PVP) for our records.

Option 2:
·  A one-time fee of RM 2,700 for MDBC’s FULL assistance in the process.
   Pre-confirmation and MDBC’s undertaking of the application for the student’s work permit
   (incl. stamping fees).

For companies that are new to SIP or are not yet ESD registered, please contact MDBC to discuss how we can provide (one-off) personalized assistance for your company’s mandatory application / registration to Immigration’s Expatriate Services Division (ESD).

* Removes the hassle of finding the best candidate for your needs.
* Improved on boarding of intern through the provision of the MDBC Cultural Briefing & Welcome Services.
* Hassle free visa application process (if option 2 with MDBC assistance is chosen).
* Students are responsible for paying and making their own arrangements for flight and housing.

For Students

Are you ready to get started on an experience of a lifetime?  Ready to see more of the world and gain international work experience?  Join SIP and get valuable experience that will put you ahead of your peers!

Malaysia is one of the best places for students to do an internship. The business sector is booming and is also called the Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia.  Much like The Netherlands, Malaysia is also regarded as a gateway into the ASEAN region.  Most companies are used to multicultural teams and doing international business.  English is generally accepted as the language for business here and housing and primary needs are relatively affordable, especially in comparison to The Netherlands.  Additionally, Malaysia is a great country to explore during the weekends, or after your internship with plenty of white beaches, great underwater life, the largest jungle in the world, and an impressive concrete jungle.  Many students also use Malaysia as a hub to explore the rest of (Southeast) Asia and Australia!

Step 1:  Prepare your CV and motivation / cover letter.  Click here to register for SIP.
Step 2:  Pay the €50 registration fee (Please note that this registration fee is non – refundable and
               only covers registration and matchmaking costs.  Paying the registration fee does
               not guarantee an internship placement).
Step 3:  Matchmaking begins upon confirmation of payment.  When you are introduced to
               a company a job interview will be arranged (usually through Skype).  If the interview
               was not successful matchmaking will continue.
Step 4:  If both parties (company and you) agree to the internship offer, MDBC will confirm
               your internship to you, the company, and your university.  If you turn down the internship
               offer, please note that you are expected to submit a valid reason for turning down the
Step 5:  When you are placed, you will have to pay the €150 placement fee (plus a €100 security deposit which
               will be returned within one (1) month upon the completion of your internship).  You will then receive
               further information from the SIP team on your next steps before your departure for Malaysia.

* Match between you and the internship company
* RM 900 allowance per month (may vary depending on the discretion of the internship company).
* Addition to a closed Facebook Group (where you can meet other students from your SIP batch, make
   arrangements about sharing accommodation, plan weekend trips, etc.)
* Pick up service from KL Sentral (you will receive a SIM card, Touch & Go card, electricity plug adapter,
   information about Malaysia, etc.)  Please note that if your flight arrives on a Public Holiday or during overnight
   hours (from 23:00 hrs onwards), alternate arrangements should be made directly with the MDBC SIP team as
   regular pick up service will not be available.

* Invitation to MDBC Cultural Briefing & Dinner.  The Cultural Briefing consists of three parts:
   1 – A presentation by the MDBC SIP Manager which covers information about MDBC and important matters
   related to living in Malaysia and your internship.
   2 – A presentation by a representative from the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands on the services
   the Embassy provides and tips for staying in Malaysia.
   3 – A presentation by Cultural Impact on Malaysian culture so that you are better prepared for your stay.
   Together, these presentations allow you to get the most out of your internship in Malaysia and to enjoy it in
   a safe and secure manner. Please note that if the student group is not sufficiently large, the cultural briefing may
   not include parts 2 & 3 and will be
done solely by the MDBC representative.
* Invitation to a special behind the scenes tour through the HEINEKEN Malaysia brewery.
* Invitation to specific MDBC events that are open to interns at a special student rate (such as the annual
   networking evening at the WTA Malaysian Open tennis tournament).
* Invitation to non MDBC events that are open to interns (e.g. events organised by the NLV such as the New
   Year’s Reception, Cabaret, etc.)
* Contact point and information provision before and during the internship (and in case of calamities).


Watch the MDBC SIP Video to get a taste of the SIP experience!

The SIP Experience

2019 – 2: Teun van Leuveren at MaxGrip
“I wanted to be able to make my internship count, my thesis results should contribute to the success of an international company.  My friends (who have done an internship through MDBC’s SIP), all recommended it for gaining international work experience.”  Read more…

2019 – 1: Robbert – Jan Top at Seetek EMS
The focus of Robbert – Jan’s internship was to see if there is an efficiency change int he new production location, as compared to the old location.  Due to the company’s relocation, he had the opportunity to see a lot of different facets.  Read more…

2018 – 3: Gijs Govers at Frames Group
Gijs did market research into the sales focus for Frames’ electrostatis coalescers in the downstream market in Asia – Pacific, which is a new market for Frames in the Asia – Pacific region.  It is a challenging assignment due to the nature of the industry.  Read more …

2017 – 2: Floris Royer at DMT 
“The most interesting part of my internship is the daily contact that I have with local contacts of DMT.  The added responsibility of the function challenges me to perform on multiple business aspects simultaneously.”  Because of the short time span, Floris had to teach himself the products,  Read more…