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SIP Students Process & Costs

Students: Click here to register for SIP


Informatie over het aanmelden en de kosten van het Student Internship Program kun je hier vinden. 



Step 1: Prepare your CV and motivation letter.  
– Register via this link.
– Pay the €50 registration fee

Step 2: We introduce you to companies of interest. 
– The matchmaking process begins!

Step 3: Got a match?
– When there is a match between the student and the company, we will arrange for a Skype interview.  If the interview is successful, we move on to Step 4.  If the interview is not successful, we will arrange for another interview.  This repeats until the right match has been made between student and company.

Step 4: If both parties agree, your internship is confirmed! Congratulations!

Step 5: We will provide you with the necessary information required: Housing, Information about your work permit (If your company applies for one), and preparation for your arrival in Malaysia.
– Transfer the €150 placement fee
– Transfer the € 100 security deposit



As a non – profit organization, we do not aim to make a profit out of your placement.  Please find an overview of the application costs for students below.
*Please note: Interns will receive a welcome document upon registering for SIP.  Information about how to make the necessary payments will be included in this document.

Registration fee: After registration you pay a fee of €50
(Please note that this registration fee is non – refundable does not guarantee an internship placement; MDBC will only refund the registration fee if we are unable to arrange for at least one interview for you.)

(2) Placement fee: After your internship is confirmed you pay a fee of €150  

(3) Security deposit: After you internship is confirmed you pay a deposit of €100.
We will return this deposit within one (1) month after the completion of your internship

Total investment for your internship: € 200