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SIP Companies Work Permit

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Tired of documents scattered around your desk and visiting immigration every other day? Let MDBC handle the intern’s work permit application for you.  We will guide you through this process and alleviate the hassle so that you can focus on the important tasks. 

MDBC will assist you during the entire process, starting with drafting the documents and ending when the SIP intern has the work permit printed in his / her passport. Please find an overview of the exact work permit activities we provide below:

  • Provide templates and examples of the required documents (student and company documents) for the intern’s work permit application;
  • Assistance in drafting the required documents for the SIP intern’s work permit application;
  • Application of the intern’s work permit (including stamping fees);
  • Submission, endorsement, and collection of the intern’s passport upon approval of the work permit.*

* Please note that the fee quoted is for work done by MDBC for permit applications. It does not guarantee that the permit will be approved by the Immigration Department of Malaysia, Ministry of Home Affairs.

Requirements to apply for a Work Permit

In order to apply for a work permit, your company needs to be registered at the Expatriate Services Division (ESD) of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. If you are not yet registered at ESD, MDBC can assist you. For inquiries please e mail .  Please note that this is not included in the intern’s work visa application. 


A Dutch intern is obliged by Malaysian law to have a work permit during his / her internship period. The work permit can only be applied for by the internship company.  A work permit allows the intern to stay in Malaysia legally for a maximum period of 6 months.  In this period, the intern can travel in and around of Malaysia freely. We advise every company to apply for a work permit and can assist you in this process.