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The MDBC Student Internship Program frees you of the burden of finding a suitable internship abroad, as they facilitate this process so well.  It is completely worth the investment!’’

                                                                                 – Hoyam El Maachi, Intern at Sime Darby Plantation

MDBC SIP zoekt voor jou een stage op maat, dus ben je op zoek naar een stage, stageopdracht, of afstudeerstage in Maleisië (gelegen in Zuidoost – Azië), dan ben je aan het goede adres. Al sinds 2004 verzorgen wij stages en we hebben inmiddels meer dan 1.400 studenten via ons programma stage gelopen in Maleisië, bij zowel MKB’s (midden – en kleinbedrijf) als multinationals. Wij verzorgen jouw stageplaats en ondersteunen je tijdens jouw stageperiode in Maleisië, [meld je nu aan]!


SIP is the best option for you if you are looking for an internship placement in Malaysia.  We will find you an internship placement in a professional company or organization; you gain international working experience, can explore Malaysia and its culture, and make friends for life.  In short, you will have the experience of a lifetime!

We are a very experienced non – profit organization that provides personalized service from start to finish, ensuring peace of mind during your stay here.  You will feel at home immediately.

We have contact with close to 300 member companies and can introduce you to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) all the way through to multinational corporations (MNCs) for your internship opportunities! For examples of internship companies, please click here.

* Personalized matchmaking to ensure a perfect match between you and the internship company;
* Pick up from KL Sentral upon arrival to Malaysia;
* Welcome pack: Includes SIM card, public transport card, electricity plug adapter, information about Malaysia, and more!
* Intake batch specific Facebook Group and Whatsapp Group inclusion (meet other interns);
* Advise about housing, activities during the evening and weekend, and more;
* Invitation to the MDBC Cultural Briefing & Dinner, a tour of the Heineken Brewery, and other events in KL (click here);
* Emergency contact: MDBC is your emergency contact on the ground here in Malaysia, we are always here to help;
* Point of contact for information before, during, and after your internship;

Why Malaysia?

Are you ready to get started on an experience of a lifetime?  Ready to see more of the world and gain international work experience?  Join SIP and get valuable experience that will put you ahead of your peers!

Malaysia is one of the best places for students to do an internship. The business sector is booming and it is also called the Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia.  Much like the Netherlands, Malaysia is also regarded as a gateway, providing entry into the ASEAN region.  Most companies are used to multicultural teams and doing international business.  Housing and primary needs are relatively affordable, especially in comparison to the Netherlands.  Additionally, Malaysia is a great country to explore during the weekends, or after your internship, with plenty of white sandy beaches, great underwater life, the largest jungle in the world, and an impressive concrete jungle.  Many students also use Malaysia as a hub to explore the rest of (Southeast) Asia and Australia!

English as a business language

Malaysia is a multicultural country and most locals are fluent in at least three languages! English is widely spoken throughout the nation and is the most common language in the Business Environment. You will have the ability to improve your Business English in Malaysia. In addition to that, communication is easy and finding your way to the restaurant or train station will not be an issue.

Partner Universities

We are contact with over 20 universities in the Netherlands. 12 of those universities are officially our partner universities and we direct liaise for them between students and companies. Talk to your study coordinator about MDBC and the possibilities of you doing your internship here in Malaysia. 

You can find an overview of our partner universities below:

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences                               Avans Hogeschool                                                 



Breda University of Applied Sciences                                          The Hague University of Applied Sciences




Hanze University of Applied Sciences                                         Hotelschool The Hague



Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences                                Saxion University of Applied Sciences

University of Groningen                                                                  Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences
Windesheim University of Applied Sciences                             Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
If you are a student at a non – partner university, then don’t worry! We also arrange placements for students from other universities in the Netherlands, although priority is given to students from partner universities.