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Excellent! SIP is operated professionally; the support is smooth, very comprehensive, and therefore excellent value for money.  The two interns we have had so far have been excellent, adding a youthful vibe, initiative, and enthusiasm to the team, as well as delivering work that had an immediate impact on our business.‘’

Suerd Polderdijk, General Manager of Frames

If you are looking for student interns that can help you with that business proposal, marketing on Social Media, or to reanalyze your production processes, the MDBC Student Internship Program (SIP) is the best option for you. Our interns represent almost all universities in the Netherlands and over 30 fields of study. Most are looking for an internship in where they can – hand’s on – participate with the company’s daily activities, or write a report on request. We have close contact with our 12 partner universities, that we visit each year. So, even if you have a very specific project, or are looking for an intern in a special field, we can help you find the intern you need!

SIP is the best option for you if you are:

  • Looking for dynamic, enthusiastic individuals who are keen on making a difference at your company; 
  • SIP interns bring with them the latest advancements in a wide variety of fields;
  • They can provide new insights or work approaches;
  • SIP interns are used to working in project teams; 
  • They are at ease with, and used to, working with new technology and social media;
  • SIP interns to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical, helping you to execute your project goals;
  • They are potential future employees.  

Do you have a project or report where you need some help?  Do you require a research or analysis report about your company processes?  Would you like to get fresh insights from young people?  Or would you just like some extra help in day – to – day activities?

Coming in from the Netherlands, SIP interns provide a fresh pair of eyes and can think outside the box, helping you to problem solve.  SIP interns are results driven, not afraid to step up and take ownership of their projects, always keen to take on new challenges, and motivated to make a difference in your organization.  Additionally, we guide and support them before, during, and after their internship period, making sure that they feel at home in Malaysia. Most interns are available for a period of 5 months, having enough time to create a valuable impact.

Partner Universities

We are in contact with over 20 universities in the Netherlands.  12 of those universities are officially our partner universities and we liaise directly for them between students and companies.  Students can talk directly to their study coordinator about MDBC and the possibilities of doing their internship here in Malaysia. 

You can find an overview of our partner universities below:

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences                               Avans Hogeschool                                                 


Breda University of Applied Sciences                                          The Hague University of Applied Sciences



Hanze University of Applied Sciences                                         Hotelschool The Hague


Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences                                Saxion University of Applied Sciences

University of Groningen                                                                  Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences
Windesheim University of Applied Sciences                             Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
Students at non – partner universities can also participate.  This increases our field of candidates ensuring that we can match the best student to you for your business needs.