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SIP Companies Process & Costs

Download the Job Description Template to find your intern now


MDBC guides SIP interns throughout the entire process, from start to finish.  We don’t stop as soon as the internship has been confirmed, we are also their point of contact for information before, during, and after their internship: to assure peace of mind for yourselves as well as the intern.

By ensuring peace of mind, the intern is able to adjust more quickly to the new environment and culture, allowing them to focus 100% on their internship.  MDBC supports each intern by providing information about housing, evening and weekend activities, and by creating a batch specific Whatsapp and Facebook group.  This allows them to meet the other interns in their batch, encouraging socializing, allowing for them to explore together, and share tips with each other on settling into their internships. 

Upon arrival, MDBC picks up the interns from KL Sentral; each individual receives a welcome pack which includes a sim card, information pack, and more.  Within the first month we organize a Cultural Briefing & Dinner, during which we brief them about doing an internship in Malaysia and raise their cultural awareness. MDBC is your and the intern’s emergency contact, on the ground here in Malaysia.

Selection, Interview, and Confirmation

Step 1:  Be a member of MDBC.  If you haven’t already, Become a Member of MDBC!

Step 2
Download the Job Description template, complete the form, and e mail it to us: .  Don’t forget to include full details on your requirements.  

Step 3
:  We will send you a list of candidates.

Step 4
:  We will help you schedule an interview (Skype or Phone) with the candidate. You will have the opportunity to interview these candidates either via phone or Skype.  

Step 5
:  Once you have made your choice, the student will be offered the internship position.  If the student chooses not to accept the position then another match will be found for you and the interview process will repeat.     

Step 6
:  If the student accepts, the SIP team will confirm the internship to the organization, student, and university / university of applied sciences, and send all parties information that is needed for the on boarding process.

During the Internship

During the internship
After the internship is confirmed, you can start preparing for the arrival of the SIP intern.  Most of the times, the student will bring their own laptop.  However, it is common they use company equipment as well.  The company is expected to find the intern an appropriate work place, introduce the intern to his / her colleagues, and provide appropriate guidance during the internship.

We advise you to provide the intern with a monthly allowance of RM 1,000 to cover a part of their living costs.  Please find an overview of these costs in the panel below.



The investment for the company (for the entire 5 month period) will be a maximum of RM 6,800 (depending on option chosen). This consists of:

a) Monthly allowances for the intern (RM 1,000 a month x5 months)
In addition, we do request your consideration for some compensation to the intern for commuter costs based on public transport expenses;

b) MDBC’s coordination fees:

Internship coordination, RM 1,800 per intern 

The one – time fee includes:

  1. Sourcing of your intern;
  2. Coordination of the interview between you and the intern;
  3. Confirmation of the internship to the intern;
  4. Liaison between all parties when assistance is required for the duration of the student’s internship period with your organization.

The one – time fee per intern of RM 1,800 DOES NOT include application of a work permit for the intern, any assistance in work permit applications for the intern, any assistance in preparation of documentation for work permit application and ESD registration services.  Your company can apply for a Professional Visit Pass or we can recommend an agent with a favorable fee (ca. RM 2,500 – RM 3,000 / intern, excluding RM 864 visa fee, RM 180 stamping fee, RM 10 personal bond, and (if applicable) travel costs). 

For companies that are new to SIP or are not yet ESD registered, please contact us to discuss.  We can recommend an agent with favorable fees to provide personalized assistance for your company’s mandatory application / registration to Immigration’s Expatriate Services Division (ESD).