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Internship Opportunities

Interested?  Kindly submit your Resume with motivation letter inclusive of relevant experience and references to the undersigned at internship@mdbc.com.my.  Please indicate in the Subject line which Internship you are applying for.

Thank you for your attention & with kind regards,

Jolande Jonge Poerink
MDBC Student Internship Program Manager

The Malaysian Dutch Business Council is an active mid-size bilateral business support organisation with nearly 250 corporate members. MDBC is considered one of the most active (non-profit) business councils in Malaysia and is a member of EUMCCI.  It delivers an extensive scope of services to its members. 

Malaysia is a wonderful country in South East Asia with a vibrant economy.  It is also a market in which many international companies (both Dutch and otherwise) choose to expand their presence in the international arena.  The MDBC Student Internship Program (SIP) will give you an opportunity to discover this new world and provide you with a once in a lifetime experience.

MDBC will do its best to pair you up with the appropriate company but we cannot guarantee you an internship.  Please note: Some exceptions may apply to students of Dutch Universities of Academic and Scientific education or for foreign / international students at Dutch universities.

A small selection of our available internships are listed below.


General requirements:

  • Must be a current student at a Dutch university;
  • Passport with validity for at least 1 1/2 years (18 months) past the expected date of internship commencement;
  • Conversational English.

Strong preference is given to students at one of our partner Universities / Colleges of Applied Sciences (Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs).  

IT Internship (SIS Improvement)

A prominent University in Kuala Lumpur is facing IT challenges.  This assignment will focus on the problems with the school’s Student Information System (SIS), Oracle Campus Solutions.  The application was implemented a year ago and since then, various problems have arisen.  Among these are:
* Difficult to navigate;
* Certain functionalities are not configured.

The goal of the assignment is to improve the user experience of the SIS by analyzing the problems and proposing solutions.

The student intern will be responsible for:
To achieve the goal of the assignment, the improvement plan can be divided into the following phases:
1.  Analyze
     a.  The system is used by several departments:
          Analyze which processes make use of SIS and illustrate with flowcharts;
     b.  Catalog the problems by means of interviews.
           Deliverable: Analysis of the current situation

2.  Advise
     a.  Present problems found;
     b.  Brainstorm solutions by researching SIS best practices;
     c.  Make change proposal (for ex. Implementing fluid navigation),
          Deliverable: Change proposal

3.  Design
     a. Design how the changes will affect the system by making wireframes of how SIS will look like
          and flowcharts of how the processes will change;
          Deliverable: Functional design specification

4.  Realise
     a.  Implement changes by configuring the system in a test environment;
     b.  Test if the changes improved the situation by having the end – users try it out.
           Deliverable: Prototype

Skills / Knowledge/ Behaviour:
– Eye for detail
– Interpersonal communication skills
– Team player
– Good command of spoken and written English
– Positive and assertive