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Meeting Summaries

Tue, 27 June 2023

The first session of the MY Orange Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) Working Group, an initiative jointly set up by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC), was held in the morning of Tuesday, 27 June, 2023.

This interactive breakfast meeting was filled with members sharing RBC challenges and best practices. We also took a glance at what’s to come: EU due diligence regulation as well as requirements from both the Dutch and the Malaysian governmental side regarding sustainability reporting and conducting responsible business practices. Together with the participants, we created a strategy on the next steps and content of this working group.

The meeting was chaired by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and companies attending were: SignifyBesi Netherlands B.V.Control UnionHQ PackPEMANDU Associates & Barterrup. We very much look forward to our next session, which will take place mid – September.

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
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Wed, 4 October 2023

The second session of the MY Orange Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) Working Group (WG) was held on the morning of Wednesday, 4 October and focused on Sustainability Reporting Frameworks.

Sustainability Reporting Frameworks are guidelines that provide organizations with a structure to identify, assess, and report on sustainability issues relevant to your operations. This allows you to benchmark your performance against industry peers and global best practices, as well as communicate your progress to stakeholders including investors, regulators, customers, and employees.

Visitors were encouraged to join the Simplified Disclosure Guide event which would help them to incorporate Sustainability Practices within Supply Chains. It helped them gain a better understanding of how they can utilize these standards and frameworks to increase transparency, understanding, and trust in their brand (and potentially those of their partners / vendors throughout their entire supply chain).

This event consisted of two segments.
Segment 1: Presentation by CMM on Incorporating Sustainability Practices within Supply Chains. 
Segment 2: RBC WG members participated in a closed door workshop with CMM. 

Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC)

For access to resources to better understand RBC and how it may affect Dutch and Malaysian companies.  Copies of presentations, documents, etc will be made available under this resources page.

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