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Rumah Oranje (Orange House)

MDBC is excited to introduce our virtual office and hot desking product – “Rumah Oranje“.
For Dutch and Dutch linked companies and entrepreneurs who are looking to tap into a ‘virtual office’ or ‘hot desk’ offering as they set up a more permanent establishment, or are simply looking for a place to conduct business while in Kuala Lumpur, we invite you to check into Rumah Oranje.


As a resident with a virtual office, you will receive the use of:
– Your company name / logo signage at the door
– Usage of the MDBC office address to receive mail
– Opportunity to receive phone calls at the MDBC office
(additional line charges may apply depending on requirements)



As a resident using the hot desk option, you will receive the use of:
– A flexi desk
– A small boardroom
– A “Zoom Room” / phone booth
– A visitors / conversation / waiting area
– Your company name / logo signage at the door
– WiFi access
– Print & Copying facilities*
– Small Pantry Basic Refreshments*


The arrangement is for one (1) person.
The resident must supply their own laptop and mobile phone.
* For regular usage. Additional arrangements will be made in case
usage becomes higher.

Binjai 8 Premium Soho facilities also available for residents include:
– Gym and Swimming Pool
– Meeting rooms and rooftop area (Rentable by the hour)

Interested? To find out more information, or to book your stay in Rumah Oranje, contact

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