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30 July – 3 September, 2020
Vriens & Partners is pleased to invite you to our Government Affairs Virtual Seminar: Southeast Asia Country Series. This series entails a suite of country briefings catered to regional and in-country business leaders who would like an insider’s perspective on: The political structure and political dynamics of policymaking and government affairs; and Challenges businesses face when they engage the government to shape public policy and mitigate regulatory risks.  These seminars will be led by our Country Directors and senior staff in each country. They will use real-world case studies to illuminate the political structures and dynamics that make it challenging for companies to do business in these markets. They will also highlight some common challenges faced by businesses across different industries, and review best practices as well as common mistakes made.
* Philippines Government Affairs Virtual Seminar (Date: August 6, 2020, Time: 10:00-11:45am (SGT))
* Myanmar Government Affairs Virtual Seminar (Date: August 13, 2020, Time: 10:30am -12:15pm (SGT))
* Thailand Government Affairs Virtual Seminar (Date: August 20, 2020, Time: 10:00-11:45am (SGT))
* Singapore Government Affairs Virtual Seminar (Date: August 27, 2020, Time: 10:00-11:45am (SGT))
* Cambodia Government Affairs Virtual Seminar (Date: September 3, 2020, Time: 10:00-11:45am (SGT))
These seminars will be held under the Chatham House Rule.  For info about the speakers, please click here.
Organized by Vriens & Partners as an online seminar
To register:  vriens&partners

6 August, 2020
What I wish my colleagues knew about the cultures of Sabah and Sarawak in the work place.  Cultural identities are complex in Malaysia: being Malaysian often needs to be qualified by the ethnic origin. This is even more so in Sabah and Sarawak, home to groups from a broad spectrum of demographic and philosophical differences.  This conversation will benefit anyone working in Malaysia, especially with colleagues from Borneo. We will discuss: cultural diversity in Sabah and Sarawak, cultural values specific to Sabah and Sarawak and their impact in the workplace, issues of identities and the dynamics of fitting in a Malaysian and international workplace, when coming from Borneo, specificities of indigenous leadership how best to engage and collaborate with your colleagues from East Malaysia.
Organized by Cultural Impact as an online webinar
For additional info:  www.culturalimpact.org/cultural-impact-in-conversation

11 August, 2020
COVID -19 has brought about fundamental shifts in the business world which are long lasting, if not permanent.  To adapt, organisations and the workforce need evolve behaviours and embrace new ways of working.  This will include implementing sustainable long -term flexible work arrangement options, while retaining productivity and employee engagement.  Join us at our exclusive webinar to find out how your organisation can implement Flexible Work Arrangements that prioritize productivity and safety.  Register before 7 August COB to secure a seat and confirm participation.
Organized by TalentCorp as an online webinar
For more info and to register:  www.eventbrite.com/e/two-sides-of-flexible-work-arrangements-tickets-115816065971

11 August, 2020
The current COVID – 19 crisis has dramatically highlighted why HR functions truly are at a crossroad. While still having to “mind the store” in terms of a wide range of administrative processes, they are having to cope with the transformative pressure stemming from the digital world, evolving employee attitudes, and new expectations from external stakeholders.  Today, many HR professionals are finding themselves on crisis management, safety, and other teams, all while facing demands to help recruit and keep the right talent and help shape the right company culture.  Using practical examples and interactive tools to engage the participants, this program reviews the types of changes that are taking place and may yet still come in the HR world. This includes topics such as creating an employer brand, managing the employee journey, reconfiguring the workplace, designing non – financial incentives, using new technologies, and deciphering how to cope with employees of the newest generations. It also covers HR’s work with other functions, such as risk management, compliance, and investor relations.  The program is of benefit to HR Directors, other HR professionals, those in other functions who work with HR, CEOs and members of Boards who supervise the human capital and compensation areas.
Organized by the Asia School of Business (ASB) as an online course.
For fees and additional info:  asb.edu.my/executive-education/cg-tuesday-culture-sculptor

13 August, 2020
The Movement Control Order (MCO) imposed in Malaysia due to COVID -19 created an unprecedented situation in which a third of Malaysians in the private sector were required to work from home (WFH).  This situation presented a unique opportunity to assess perceptions towards WFH, as well as the trade – offs between WFH conditions to life and environmental outcomes.  United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Malaysia surveyed over 1,000 employers and over 200 employees to discover whether WFH works for all.  Most employees experienced quality of life improvements and businesses with with prior WFH experience better adapted to the MCO.  However, vulnerable groups faced income loss and increased work expenses while WFH, while some employees were constantly on – call.  We invite you to join this exclusive webinar where Dr. David Tan will present key findings from the survey, including: * Impacts on quality of life; Gender outcomes, employee productivity; and the Future of Flexible Work Arrangements.  This session is exclusive and complimentary for employers.  Kindly register before 11 August; spots are limited.
Organized by TalentCorp as an online webinar
For more info and to register:  www.eventbrite.com/e/how-we-worked-from-home-the-malaysia-mco-experience-webinar-tickets-115681647923

15 August, 2020
Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is the leading professional certification for Project Managers.   Join our complimentary PMP preview session, all from the comfort of your home, where our course facilitator will cover the entirety of the first topic titled ‘Fundamentals of Project Management’.
Organized by the Sharma Management International as an online course.
For additional info: pmpmalaysia.com/pmp-preview

18 August, 2020
With increased use of IT in business especially during the COVID – 19 outbreak, many more businesses now have access to additional information to support business decisions. Leading companies that want to stay ahead can employ Data Analytics – a scientific process of deriving insights from raw data to support decision making – to provide higher returns. Data Analytics has a specific purpose of melding information and expertise to guide business action.  This program will explore tools and methods that can give business users (i.e. decision makers) insight and understanding of not just what happened, but why it happened, with the purpose of using this insight to prescribe action. It marries the business professional’s broad knowledge of the business environment and business processes, taking as input the information (or facts) delivered by the BI stack to enable the user to reach insights that can guide subsequent actions and decisions.
Organized by the Asia School of Business (ASB) as an online course.
For fees and additional info:  asb.edu.my/executive-education/cg-tuesday-stayingahead-data-analytics

25 August, 2020
Managing in a global economy requires knowledge of political institutions and incentives that affect business operations such as regulatory changes and expropriations. Decision makers including directors of companies and senior management need to monitor political risks. In some cases, they may need to deploy social or “non-market” strategies as a form of business advocacy. This program will explore frameworks as well as examples to understand the interaction between politics and the economy. It will also explore mapping political risks to investments, and consider how to devise appropriate strategies to respond to and reduce risks coming from political factors.
Organized by the Asia School of Business (ASB) as an online course.
For fees and additional info:  asb.edu.my/executive-education/cg-tuesday-managing-political-risks

29 August, 2020
Scrum is an Agile Project Management methodology. The ‘Scrum Fundamentals Certified’ (SFC) course is tailored to help anyone interested to know more about Scrum; learn about key concepts in Scrum; and to get a basic understanding of how Scrum framework works in delivering successful projects.
Organized by the Sharma Management International as an online course.
For additional info:  scrummalaysia.com/index.php/certification/scrum-fundamentals-certification-sfc-training-course

7 – 8 September, 2020
The big data and AI conference, NextBigTech Asia 2020 is set to receive 100+ delegates sharing insights and gathering inspirations from 20+ speakers globally this 7 and 8 September 2020 at Connexion@Nexus, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur with its with its strategic partner, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and knowledge partner, McKinsey & Co. This conference coming into sight for the fourth time would allow the growth of networking and connection with the Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Data Science Community directly to share their thoughts and insights. 4th NextBigTech Asia 2020 is curated along with the great minds of our advisory board members from around the world.
Organized by  Knowledge Group of Companies at Connexion@Nexus
For more info:  nextbigtechasia.com

8 – 10 September, 2020
Back for its 10th edition, the Malaysian International Feed, Livestock & Meat Industry Show will be held for the first time in Malacca at the Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC).  The previous edition proved to be the region’s leading show in international feeds, lifestock and meat industries, managing an impressive growth of 19%.  Livestock Malaysia gathered 6,286 attendees, 63 speakers, and trade visitors from 31 countries.
Organized by UBM Informa at Melaka International Trade Centre, Malacca
For more info: www.livestockmalaysia.com

22 – 24 September, 2020
The 5th Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Exhibition and Conference (MOGSEC 2020) will be held from 22 – 24 September 2020 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.  The exhibition plays a crucial role encouraging greater collaboration within the Malaysian Oil & Gas industry as well as promoting the development of the local service sector.  The main objective of the show is to place Malaysia as the regional hub for Oil & Gas.
Organized by UBM Informa at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
For more info: www.mogsec.com.my