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MDBC has organized all of our informative material in this section of the website. Covering the latest news, presentations from recent events, country information, useful links and more, this section is sure to provide valuable information.

Useful Links

Useful websites to have for general information, key government ministries and agencies, bilateral chambers of commerce, business councils, trade offices and much more!

Country Information

In this section you will find general information which will provide you with better insight into Malaysia, the Netherlands, ASEAN and the European Union.

The Library

As a value added service to our members, MDBC has organized a collection of valuable information and resources, covering a wide range of topics, for your reference. Need to find the latest info on HR and recruiting practices locally and in the region? Wondered how the PDPA will affect your organization? The answers to these questions and many more are available within the virtual corridors of our library. Come in and browse for a while. The library contains content in a variety of formats: Videos, Podcasts, and Presentations (from events). Most are contributed by MDBC members, others are generated in – house, but all are valuable.