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MY Orange RBC Resources

Welcome to the MY Orange Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) Working Group Resource page.  In here you will find resources to better understand RBC and how it may affect Dutch and Malaysian companies.


MDBC: Special Event – Responsible Business Conduct, 18 April

MDBC: Special Event – Responsible Business Conduct, 18 April

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands: Responsible Business Conduct

MATRADE: ESG, Responsible Business, and Trade Opportunities

Besi APAC: Besi ESG

HQ Pack: Social, Economic, Environmental Responsibility

CMM: SEDG ESG Disclosure Guide

[CMM] SEDG ESG Disclosure Guide

As part of the RBC Working Group meeting on 4 October, participants received a briefing on the SEDG Guide.  The SEDG is a guide to help your company decide what Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) disclosures to track and report. It seeks to provide a simple and standard way for Malaysian SMEs in supply chains to disclose on ESG.

The SEDG covers indicators that can be tracked and disclosed to measure ESG progress, as well as provide for different levels of adoption. The guidance structure of the disclosures consists of most referenced topics in ESG disclosures. The Guide provides the metrics needed to track progression in each 15 topics and identifies 35 disclosures in selected standards that correlate to chosen disclosures. The SEDG also offers additional guidance to provide SMEs additional information to further guide on the requirements of the disclosure.

Please click on the links below to download the SEDG Guide and supporting documents:
Simplified ESG Disclosure Guide
SEDG Additional Guidance
SEDG Disclosure Guidance 
SEDG Template

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