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MY ORANGE RBC Working Group

Welcome to MY Orange RBC Working Group

Launched on 18 April 2023, this Working Group (WG) provides an open space for knowledge sharing on best responsible practices, potential supply chain risks, and overall experiences with sustainability measures.

Brought to you by:

The Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC)

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


The Dutch government expects companies to ensure that the production of goods and the provision of services and other business activities are carried out sustainably and with respect for human rights, labor rights, and the environment. This is called Responsible Business Conduct (RBC), and is expected not only within the Netherlands, but also when doing business abroad.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and MDBC promote and support this among the Dutch – Malaysian business community. Recently, questions have been rising within the community on what this means for them and how to put this into practice. With potential Dutch and EU due diligence legislations upcoming, this inaugural edition in a series of events will dive deeper into the best actions to undertake when preparing for these requirements, what challenges can arise when doing so, and what risks this may entail.

For access to resources to better understand RBC and how it may affect Dutch and Malaysian companies.  Copies of presentations, documents, etc will be made available under this resources page.

Dutch authorities have taken a number of measures to promote RBC. 
Overview of the new RBC policy.

Source: Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Assessing & addressing risks throughout your supply chain can be a daunting task. Together with MDBC, we are ready to work with you and facilitate the sharing of challenges and lessons learned in this exciting new working group.” – Machiel van Stralen (Deputy Head Economic Department, Netherlands Embassy)

We encourage all our member – companies to keep informed on RBC developments, attend the informative activities and, where appropriate, join the Working Group!” – Marco Winter (Executive Director, MDBC)