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MDBC CSR Corner Guidelines and Disclaimers

Guidelines and Disclaimers

All MDBC member companies and related organizations and / or projects requesting placement / exposure in the MDBC CSR Corner must adhere to one or more of the following Guidelines:
Demonstrate a significant and innovative contribution to community life and are consistent with community needs. Make a measurable, positive impact in the communities in which we operate, through investments in the development of the disadvantaged part of our population. Be implemented by organizations that are registered as Non Profit Organizations. Schools and Institutions of Higher Learning will also be considered. Serve disadvantaged communities around Malaysia and / or the Netherlands. Be transparent: the organization must be willing to disclose their major sponsors or contributors should that information be required.

Organizations and / or projects requesting placement / exposure in the MDBC CSR Corner must NOT be:
Religious organizations for sectarian activities / Sectarian organizations (except for non-denominational community and social support services that are available to everyone). Political organizations and campaigns Third party fundraisers or professional solicitors Competitive, professional sports teams. Debt reduction campaigns. Retroactive requests. Funding for ongoing operational costs. Organizations that discriminate against race, gender, national origin, religion and lifestyle. Student unions and organizations. Private, fee based and independent schools.

MDBC reserves the right, at any time and with no prior notice or explanation to reject or rescind approval for any particular organization and / or project for placement in the MDBC CSR Corner. MDBC maintains discretion on how we respond to requests for local or international emergency disaster relief support and exposure within the MDBC community.

Information about the organizations and / or projects in the MDBC CSR Corner is for informational purposes only. MDBC does not control or endorse these organizations and / or projects and will not be held responsible for these organizations and / or projects and their contents and actions.