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MDBC Digital Welcome Pack


We are pleased to welcome you as a new member of the Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC). By becoming a member of our business council, you joined a community with over 250 member companies ranging from multinationals to small entrepreneurs, operating in the widest variety of sectors.

This digital welcome package includes links on MDBC and our services.  It will enable you to get an understanding of what we do and what we can do for you.  Furthermore, we included business related information which we think you will find valuable. These are articles, brochures, and a list of service providers. The cultural pack includes information on doing business in Malaysian and Dutch cultures, and an interesting reading list. There are also links which are more useful for newcomers to Malaysia. It addresses links to social websites and platforms to help you find your way in your new home.

We hope this welcome package helps to ground you in Malaysia, on both a corporate, as well as a personal level.  It will definitely give you a kick start to your experience in Malaysia and with MDBC!


You will find information and links about MDBC below.  A more detailed overview of MDBC services and a Members Directory which includes all of our members can be found in the relevant sections on our website.

MDBC in General


MDBC e – Brochure

This provides an overview of our core business and services.  

Articles of Association

MDBC’s Articles of Association.  It contains the purpose of the company as well as the duties and responsibilities of its members, defined and recorded clearly.


MDBC Student Internship Program (SIP)

Through SIP, MDBC has already placed over 1,400 enthusiastic Dutch students at member companies. The program provides the best fit for both interns and companies, addressing the needs of, and ensuring the best results for both.

Career Membership

MDBC’s Career Membership connects potential employers, or companies looking to diversify their workforce, and professional expats who want to boost their career opportunities in Malaysia.

Useful Business Related Information

Useful Business Related Information

Information and brochures (useful for all new MDBC members) have been included below. There are insights into MDBC members who have established and expanded their businesses in Malaysia, providing you with valuable tips and tricks. We have also provided an overview of different service providers that can help you settle in. We have also provided a brochure and video which compares business in The Netherlands with Malaysia, and an event calendar.

An Inside Look – MDBConnects

“An Inside Look” allows readers to gain special insight into the minds of the people in charge of our member companies. It asks what our readers can learn from the experiences of the company / managers that are interviewed, personal, overall corporate, and sector / country / region – related.

Service Providers within MDBC

MDBC members are active in a wide variety of services. We are pleased to put you in contact with the service providers you need for either business or personal purposes. This link contains a list of service providers within several sectors which can be useful for settling down in Malaysia.

Doing Business in Malaysia [e – Brochure]

This brochure from RVO and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on doing business in Malaysia highlights the top sectors in The Netherlands.

Exhibitions and Conventions in Malaysia [Calendar]

This timetable provides an overview of the upcoming exhibitions and conventions in Malaysia from a wide variety of sectors.

Cross – Cultural Information

Cross – Cultural Information

Being a member of a Malaysian Dutch organization, some information about (doing business with) the country culture may be useful.  Below, you will find some information to help familiarize yourself a bit with the culture you are going to work with.

Tips for a Successful Working Experience in Malaysia

An e – brochure provided by MDBC member, Cultural Impact. The brochure highlights cultural matters to keep in mind when doing business in Malaysia.

How to Deal with the Dutch in Business

Helps new non – Dutch MDBC members get familiar with the Dutch business culture.

Reading List of Malaysian Cultural and Historical Books

To help you learn more about Malaysia we have provided a reading list of interesting books regarding politics, history, culture, and more.

You know you’re Malaysian when …

A playful, non – serious, non – scientifically substantiated checklist to see how much you have integrated into Malaysian culture.

Fun facts about the Dutch and the Netherlands

And for the non – Dutch members, have a look at some fun facts about Dutch habits and culture.



Settling down and finding your way on a personal level is also important.  We have included links below that address practical matters when moving to Malaysia, and on a platform on which you can connect and meet with other expats.


ExpatGo is a website with information for expats.  It contains guides which cover topics such as properties, education, and health services.  They also provide a monthly Expat Magazine which can be read online.

Expat Welcome Guide

The annual Expat Welcome Guide from ExpatGo addresses the desires and needs of a newly arrived expat.  The magazine provides general information about Malaysia, its nature, culture, and other relevant topics such as properties, international schools, insurance, and more.

Public Holidays

This link contains an overview of public holidays in Malaysia.  It makes it convenient for you to plan trips and organize breaks.

Emergency Addresses

Need a doctor, dentist, or other medical professional?  Here you’ll find an overview of some health care institutions, including addresses and phone numbers.

Please note: Inclusion of institutions in this list does not denote endorsement by the Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC).  This information is provided by MDBC and while we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability with respect to any information, products, or services contained in the Emergency Addresses list for any purpose.  Any reliance you place on such information and the services provided by the institutions listed in the document is therefore strictly at your own risk.  MDBC will not be held liable for any loss or injury including, without limitation, indirect, or consequential loss or injury whatsoever arising from the use of the information or services by the institutions listed in the Emergency Addresses list provided above.


Would you like to meet other expats in Malaysia?  Internations is a platform where international people meet, connect, and exchange information.  You can become a member and attend events, see and meet other expats on the platform, and get tips and information about Malaysia.

We have now come to the end of the digital welcome package. We hope that it provided you with relevant information in order to settle down on a corporate- and business level and that it has been a positive first experience with MDBC.

Have you enjoyed the welcome package and have you considered the information as relevant? Please let us know! Also, we are very keen to hear your tips and tricks in order to improve the welcome package. Please share your feedback on the welcome package by e – mail at

We hope to see you regularly on our events and wish you all the best with your business in Malaysia.