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The Netherlands Sparks Fintech Revolution

Tomorrow’s financial future already thrives today in the Netherlands The hustle and bustle of men trading securities in an open-air market was, in 1607, a novel endeavor when the Netherlands opened the world’s first modern stock exchange in Amsterdam. Over 400 years later, the nation continues to innovate the financial sector, intersecting with technology at …

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Prinsjesdag (Budget Day) 2020

Every year, on Prinsjesdag (Budget Day), the Dutch government launches its plans for the coming year.   The third Tuesday in September is traditionally known as Prinsjesdag in the Netherlands.  On Prinsjesdag, or Budget Day as it is called abroad, King Willem – Alexander gives the Speech from the Throne. The Speech from the Throne sums …

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Virtual MCF20!

MDBC is proud to bring you the fourth edition of the MDBC Connects Fair (MCF)! This year, MCF 2020 is going digital in a new and exciting virtual reality space hosted on Kingsmen’s KIVEL (Kingsmen Virtual Experimental Lab) platform. As always, a wide variety of service providers will be available in a one stop solution. …

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What’s Next For EU-ASEAN?

In this exclusive interview for The ASEAN Post, Francesco Alberti speaks to His Excellency, Igor Driesmans, the European Union (EU) representative to ASEAN to discuss the relationship between the EU and ASEAN and the trade bloc’s role in today’s ever changing and increasingly polarised world. What Is The Current State Of The EU-ASEAN Relationship? “I …

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Malaysia to invest significantly in latest generation telecommunications and other technologies

Malaysia will invest significantly in the latest generation telecommunications and other technologies in the quest to achieve a high-income nation status, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah. He said so far, Malaysia has 71 5G use cases demonstration led by private companies, namely Celcom, Digi, edotco, Maxis, Petronas, Telekom Malaysia, U Mobile, and YTL, as …

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