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DoSM: Penang, Johor & Selangor dominate exports in April 2023 at 70.5%

Penang, Johor and Selangor made up 70.5% of Malaysia’s total exports in April 2023, said the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoSM).

In a statement today, it said that the nation’s exports stood at RM105.4 billion, while imports recorded RM92.6 billion, resulting in a total trade of RM198 billion during the month.

DoSM said Penang remained the top exporter with a share of 31.5%, followed by Johor at 21.7%, Selangor (17.3%), Sarawak (7.0%) and Kedah (4.6%).

Overall, export performance by states in April 2023 decreased by RM22.2 billion (-17.4%) year – on – year (y – o – y) due to the lower exports in most states.

Selangor saw export ease by -RM6.6 billion, Penang (-RM4.1 billion), Sarawak (-RM2.9 billion), Johor (-RM2.6 billion), Sabah (-RM2.0 billion), Perak (-RM1.2 billion), Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (-RM1.1 billion), Pahang (-RM628.6 million), Melaka (-RM472.6 million), Labuan (-RM113.8 million), Kelantan (-RM79.0 million), Terengganu (-RM66.8 million), and Perlis (-RM30.0 million).

In contrast, exports for Kedah and Negeri Sembilan increased by RM111.6 million and RM26.6 million, respectively.

Meanwhile, for imports, Selangor was the most significant contributor at 27.3%, followed by Johor (23.3%, Penang (20.3%), Kuala Lumpur (7.9%) and Kedah (5.5%).

Imports also declined by RM11.5 billion or -11.1% in April 2023 in most states, as compared with the same month of the previous year.

Penang’s imports were reduced by -RM5.4 billion, Melaka (-RM3.3 billion), Selangor (-RM1.7 billion), Perak (-RM1.2 billion), Kedah (-RM861.5 million), Sarawak (-RM682.5 million), Negeri Sembilan (-RM435.5 million), Pahang (-RM92.9 million), and Terengganu (-RM45.3 million).

However, imports increased in Johor by RM2.0 billion y – o – y, Kuala Lumpur (+RM284.1 million), Sabah (+RM94.8 million), Kelantan (+RM31.5 million), Perlis (+RM16.2 million), and Labuan (+RM2.4 million).