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Efforts under way to establish robust EV infrastructure in Malaysia

From left: Multimedia University president and CEO Datuk Dr Mazliham Mohd Su’ud, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence general manager of Malaysia Kun Huang, Agmo Holdings CEO Tan Aik Keong, and Chang at the ceremony.

Efforts are under way to establish a robust electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure to improve the incomplete ecosystem in the country, according to Science, Technology, and Innovation Minister Chang Lih Kang.

Chang said Malaysia has set a target for EV adoption, aiming to reach 15% market share by 2030 and 38% by 2040. However, the country currently lacks a complete ecosystem to support this transition.

“So, we need to actively work on the ecosystem. I gave an example of 1,000 charging stations. By 2025, we aim to reach the target of 10,000 stations, so we have just over a year to achieve this goal,” told reporters during the launch of Agmo EV superapp today.

Agmo Holdings Bhd has partnered with Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group to power Agmo’s EV SuperApp which intends to address the pain points faced by local EV users.

At an exchange of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) event, the parties jointly launched the Agmo Electric Vehicle SuperApp, the first of its kind in Malaysia. The event was marked as a “twin – first”, as Alibaba Cloud also debuted its Enterprise Mobile Application Studio (Emas) Superapp solution outside of China.

Chang said, “I would like to express gratitude to Alibaba and Agmo for their contributions, as the private sector plays a crucial role in completing the ecosystem. Why? Because EVs are still a new market in our country, and the scarcity of charging stations makes manufacturers hesitant to enter. We can’t blame them … It’s like the chicken and the egg dilemma – which should be solved first? The solution lies in addressing both aspects simultaneously.”

A proposal has been put forth to address the lack of manufacturer confidence and improve infra-structure in a bid to accelerate the adoption of EVs.

“The nation is fostering cooperation among various stakeholders through the establishment of an EV task force led by MITI, and MOSTI is also in this, indeed all parties are involved including TNB, manufacturers, as well as charging stations providers,” Chang said, referring to the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry and his ministry.

He disclosed that currently the majority of the charging station providers are from China, but other countries are also contributing.

In his speech, Chang said: “Our nation has long been recognized as a pivotal player in the automotive industry, contributing nearly 5% to our GDP. However, today’s occasion speaks to an even broader ambition; our commitment to leading the digital transformation of this sector and indeed our broader economy.”

He added that the Malaysian automotive sector is currently witnessing a surge in EV adoption by “our fellow citizens”, driven by a combination of government – led initiatives and value – driven offerings from international manufacturers.

“We applaud the collaborative efforts of Alibaba Cloud and our home – grown institution, Agmo, as they play a pivotal role in developing innovative solutions within an industry that holds immense significance for end-users, particularly the people of Malaysia. Through their contributions, we are advancing our nation towards becoming a high – tech hub through science and technology,” he said.

  • The Sun Daily