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MDBC Climate Solution of the Week: Damen Shipyard Group

Introducing our Climate Solution of the week: Sparky by Damen Shipyard Group, the groundbreaking electric RSD – E Tug 2513 by Damen. Delivered to New Zealand’s Ports of Auckland (POAL) in July 2022, Sparky represents hope for a sustainable maritime future🚢

🔋 What makes Sparky special?
🌟 First of its kind: A fully electric tug with 70 tonnes bollard pull.
⚡ Efficient: can undertake two or more assignments before a mere two – hour recharge.
🤝 Collaborative effort: a result of a six – year collaboration between Damen and POAL, ensuring every design aspect promotes sustainability.

Contributions to the UN’s SDGs:
🍃 SDG 7: Transitioning to cleaner energy sources.
🌍 SDG 9 & 13: Innovative solutions reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
🐠 SDG 14: Potential to reduce water pollution, preserving marine ecosystems.
🤲 SDG 17: Partnerships that accelerate the transition to sustainable maritime transportation.
🌍 Impact on the environment:
✅ Proven reliability in the New Zealand port.
🌳 Anticipated to save approximately 465 tonnes of CO2 annually.
💰 Operational cost is less than a third of a diesel tug, promoting economic sustainability.

CEO Roger Gray from Ports of Auckland remarks, “Sparky is the first electric tug of this capacity in the world. E – tugs are the future for ship handling and Ports of Auckland are proud to have led the way.”🔧

Electric propulsion offers higher energy efficiency, leading to both economic and environmental benefits. “In each case, the operational profile must be analyzed to see if an electric driven tug can do the job and how much emissions are reduced.”

🔍 Spot Sparky in Auckland’s Waitemata Harbor, distinguished by its bright green paint🎨 and absence of smoke. With the success of the first RSD – E Tug 2513, Damen is expanding its electric tug family👨👩👧👦. To learn more about this revolutionary maritime solution, visit Damen’s Electric Tugs.

The Climate Solution of the Week is a joint campaign towards COP28, by the NBCC and the NL Business Hub Network.

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