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MDBC Climate Solution of the Week: Actiforce Mechatronics Technology

Meet MDBC’s Climate Solution of the Week: Actiforce Mechatronics Technology, a pioneer in various areas of business with a strong record of innovation and sustainability in the office furniture industry. 🧑🏼‍💼

– 📦 Their most significant achievement has been the development of fully sustainable packaging for certain products and markets. This initiative has had a significant impact on the industry as a whole and has inspired other companies to follow suit.
– Actiforce was the first to make height adjustable desks affordable, allowing for ergonomic workspaces. This greatly benefitted people who spend long hours working in offices, preventing pain and discomfort.
– 💚 🎍 As part of their Green Projects program, they have created a line of eco-friendly alternatives in bamboo material instead of plastic.  Bamboo is also a material that can offer many of the same properties as plastic. It is durable, versatile and strong.

Through their sponsorship with the #BlackJaguarFoundation, WWF, and their ‘Less Paper’ project (implementation of digital manuals instead of paper for all products by 2024), Actiforce focuses on creating a more sustainable and responsible way of living.

The company works on #sustainability projects to reduce the impact of its production and packaging on the #environment. It recognizes the importance of preserving the environment and has taken various measures to minimize its #carbonfootprint.

🌊 Actiforce supports a #WWF on a project called “#FreetheSea”. The project sets up systems in rivers to help catch plastic and prevent its flow into the seas. For the plastic that has already made its way out, they sends boats out to collect it. Together, they also send veterinarians to the Coral Triangle (the global centre of marine biodiversity) to save sea animals.

⬛ 🐆 The company also supports the Black Jaguar Foundation, an organisation that diligently fights for the restoration and conservation of the Cerrado savannah and the Amazon rainforest.

Their commitment to providing #fairwages, #employeebenefits, and a #safeworkingenvironment has created a stable and loyal workforce, allowing the company to build a solid foundation and grow sustainably.

Check the link for more info: https://shorturl.at/ortI4

The Climate Solution of the Week is a joint campaign towards COP28, by the NBCC and the NL Business Hub Network.

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