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MDBC Climate Solution of the Week: Port of Rotterdam

Introducing our Climate Solution of the Week: Port of Rotterdam Authority’s vision for a sustainable future! 🌱

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is on a mission to create a future-proof port, ensuring businesses thrive while minimizing the impact on the climate and nature 🌳🚢

The Port Authority is actively reducing emissions through carbon capture, storage, and the utilization of residual heat🌡️. They’re also encouraging innovative developments like green hydrogen production, biofuels, and recycling ♻️

Central to their vision is green hydrogen. With alliance agreements from countries like Brazil, Spain, and Namibia, and plans for large – scale hydrogen plants, the port is setting the stage for a carbon – neutral future 💧

The Port is laying the foundation for the future with new infrastructure projects, including heat, hydrogen, and CO2 pipelines. 🏗️🛤️

With around 70 projects in progress, the energy transition is becoming tangible. From shore power projects to the electrification of inland shipping, the port is making significant steps. 🚀

The port’s ambition doesn’t stop at its boundaries. Collaborations with the national government and neighbouring countries aim to create a connected, sustainable industrial region 🤝 “The energy transition is progressing across the entire spectrum… Green hydrogen plays a central role in the new carbon-neutral port and economy.” 💬

Curious about their top 12 energy transition projects of 2023? 🌻⛴️

🔗 Check out: https://bit.ly/3Lam7RJ

The Climate Solution of the Week is a joint campaign towards COP28, by the NBCC and the NL Business Hub Network.

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