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MDBC Climate Solution of the Week: Dutch Lady Milk Industries (DLMI)

Introducing our Climate Solution of the Week: Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (DLMI)’s Dairy Development Program (DDP), launched in Malaysia in 2008. DLMI, the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands have been working together to help improve productivity to ensure a more sustainable dairy business.

As the largest purchaser of local fresh milk 🥛 in Malaysia, DLMI, through the DDP, has facilitated the sharing of knowledge and expertise of FrieslandCampina’s Dutch member dairy farmers with local farmers to help improve and adopt their farming techniques to improve the quality and quantity of local fresh milk. As a result, farmers who participated in the DDP have recorded an increase in the volume and quality of milk that will help ensure the sustainability of the local milk supply🍼.

– Since 2013, over 650 local farmers have been trained on sustainable and best farming practices;

– Since 2010 until 2022, DDP has helped produce 45.6 million liters of local fresh milk;

–     This has helped improve local food security;

–     DLMI has been the preferred partner of DVS since the DDP was established and continue to work closely with policymakers in shaping the future regulatory landscape related to dairy products in line with the launch of the National Nutrition Policy 2.0.

🐄 As part of the Farmer2Farmer program, which is part of the DDP, 22 Dutch farmers from the Netherlands were brought to Malaysia to meet selected local dairy farmers to share knowledge and skills to help them improve and adopt their dairy farming techniques.

🔗 Check the link for more info: https://shorturl.at/sFSZ5

The Climate Solution of the Week is a joint campaign towards COP28, by the NBCC and the NL Business Hub Network.

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