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MDBC Climate Solution of the Week: Philips

Introducing our Climate Solution of the Week: Philips‘ innovative strides towards delivering sustainable healthcare and reducing its carbon footprint. ♻️

Philips has made strong progress towards realizing its environmental ambitions. The company became #carbonneutral in its operations in 2022 and achieved 77% renewable energy usage, exceeding its 75% goal for 2025.

A recent milestone towards delivering on its climate goals was the opening of the Mutkalampi #windfarm in Finland, in June 2023. Through a first – of – its – kind partnership with The HEINEKEN Company, Signify, and Nobian, the initiative is driving incremental production of #renewableelectricity across #Europe. It is generating 330 GWh of renewable electricity annually, equating to the power requirements of 40,000 households! 🏡🔋

For Philips this means securing its renewable electricity supply that will help power Philips’ global operations for the next 10 years, as well as enabling customers’ transition to sustainable healthcare.

Robert Metzke (Global Head of Sustainability, Philips), shares, “This renewable electricity partnership raises the bar in how we can jointly increase green energy supply across Europe. This is an important step as we work towards achieving our 2025 climate targets.” 🎯 🌍

The initiative contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, specifically #SDG7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) ⚡🌿 and #SDG13 (Climate Action). 🎯

In the transition to a just and sustainable future, everyone has a role to play.💪 Philips and its partners set an example with this joint partnership, demonstrating that impact CAN be made while inspiring others to step up action; by actively setting strategic business targets, adopting sustainable🌿 ways of producing and sourcing ♻, measurement, and regular reporting and delivering tangible results and progress. 📈

Want to know more about Philips’ plans and progress to reduce CO₂ emissions?

Click on the link: https://philips.to/44NKc8L

The Climate Solution of the Week is a joint campaign towards COP28, by the NBCC and the NL Business Hub Network.

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